Self Published Saturday

Self Published Saturday!

Hello everyone, 

I am back today with my weekly segment called Self Published Saturday, where I highlite books that have been self published and my thoughts on them. This segment is still rather new, however because I started this segment off by choosing to read a rather large book CUP which is written by the lovely duo of Rachael Kasper & Robert Wills. This book is a lovely slow burning book set in 1920's England and follows the story of Ellen, a deaf girl who is taken in by the Thorpe family and the complications that ensue from that. I am enjoying this slow burning plot with incredible characters, however today I want to bring to light some other books that I am keen to get my hands on in the future for this segment!

My Self Published Novel Wishlist: 
  1. Mageborn: The Blacksmith's Son
    1. by: Michael G. Manning 
    2. Mageborn: The Blacksmith's Son Goodreads Page
    3. Amazon Link
  2. The Book of Deacon
    1. by: Joseph Lallo 
    2. The Book of Deacon Goodreads Page
    3. Amazon Link
  3. First Contact 
    1. by: Michael R. Hicks
    2. First Contact Goodreads Page
    3. Amazon Link
  4. A Galaxy Unknown
    1. by: Thomas DePrima
    2. A Galaxy Unknown Goodreads Page
    3. Amazon Link
  5. The Written 
    1. by: Ben Galley 
    2. The Written Goodreads Link
    3. Amazon Link
  6. Heart Of Stone
    1. by: Ben Galley 
    2. Heart Of Stone Goodreads Link
    3. Amazon Link
    4. Ben Galley's Website

As you all can see I have a fairly long list so far, and I am constantly on the look out for more titles to add to the list to share with you all. Each of these books is self published or was self published at one time, all of which fall under the science fiction or fantasy category. Most of these recommendations come from a list which Michael J. Sullivan, author of the Ryeria Revelations book created on the Ranting Dragon website. Though these may have been recommended by others, that does not diminish my eagerness to read them and share the magic that these authors have created with you all. As this is a new series where I look into self  published books I have found it quite difficult to find some self published gems, though I think I am going to check out Amazon and the internet further to select more books to chat about. 

With these books that I am looking for, I am not just looking for something that has been self published and will hold the readers attention. The book to be considered well done should be well written and easily read by all. This requirement may be difficult to complete, however with these novels I am trusting Mr.Sullivan's recommendation. Each holds a unique and intriguing plot which I think will make for a great adventure! Check out their links to see what they are about and how you can purchase them. 

In the mean time, how do you all find out about self published works? Do you browse the internet, chat to bookshop owners, or peruse Amazon? 

Happy Reading! 


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