Waking Gods Release Day Fun!

Waking Gods 
by: Sylvain Neuvel 
Release Day Fun!

Happy Release day to Waking Gods by: Sylvain Neuvel! 

I was lucky enough to receive a review copy from the publisher early for review during release week, sadly I am not done with the book yet, however by the end of the week I will have completed it. Upon completion I am going to post a review right here on this blog! 

Who is Sylvain?: 
Sylvain is a Montreal Canadian author who wrote both Sleeping Giants and Waking Gods. I had the amazing opportunity to meet Mr.Neuvel at Bear Pond books last August, I have been hooked on his books since then! Both novels are told in a very unique interview style which creates a unique character study and viewpoint for all events occurring in the novel. I am in awe of his narrative voice within this style! Each and every character is distinct and full of whit and sass, something that I love to read. This book series stemmed from stories that he told his son about a robot that came to earth; knowing this minor detail will make the books all the more endearing to read. Waking Gods is now his second novel, and hopefully not his last in the Themis Files! 

What is the Themis Files? 
The Themis Files is the name of his series which includes both  Sleeping Giants and Waking Gods thus far, but will include more in the future. These books follow the events and reactions that the world has when a MASSIVE robot is found scattered in pieces across the globe in the first book. This is all I can tell you without spoilers, just know that it is amazing and has a great sense of place and pizazz. 

Be sure to stay tuned for my review of the sequel, Waking Gods within the next few days (by Friday 4/7/17)! Until then, here is my review of book one in the Themis Files! 

In my review of Waking Gods there will be a giveaway for book one and two, stay tuned for more details when the review is posted! 


Happy Book Birthday, Waking Gods!


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