Library Week 2017!

Why I Love Libraries!

Hello Everyone, 

Today since it is midway through National Library Week here in the US I thought that I would make a post about what libraries mean to me and how I use them. I am as you have all heard, a University student in upstate New York here in the US. That being said I obviously an going to have a very slim budget, which is where libraries come in! The library system where I am is phenomenal! The system that I had to use at home in Vermont was small at best and never had any new titles, the system in New York is massive compared to that with many new releases. Having new releases is not the only important quality or reason that I love libraries, though it does influence which ones that I go to frequently.

Libraries for my must be a safe space for everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, age, or gender. This quality is important to me as I believe that reading is something that we can ALL learn from and find solace in. That being said, most libraries fit this requirement to offer books to all who come through their doors as well as a quiet space to read and reflect. Within a library people are free to explore topics that they may be curious about, or just explore different worlds and scenarios that they could never see in daily life. Not to mention, as a book lover the thought of having access to thousands of books for free is an amazing possibility!

Sharing the written word, caring for one another, and maintaining a place of serenity are a few qualities that I enjoy about small town libraries and libraries in general. While I may not utilize my local libraries in the same extensive manner as others, I frequently visit. These are the reasons I go to the library near me: 
  • Escaping the stress of University. 
    • Our library is only a short 15 minute walk from campus. Which allows me to walk or drive there any time that I just wish to get away from the chaos that is happening at my school. While I am at the library to escape stress I will bring a book that I own with me to read, though it is rare that I walk out without more books in hand.
  • Just to browse.
    • I am horrible about giving new authors a chance when I am purchasing books for myself. I tend to take my friends recommendations and read purely those, therefor when I go to the library I am able to explore new authors. I will often times pick up books from the shelves and read the first paragraph, if I am intrigued it will either come home with me that day or go on my library wishlist. 
  • Meeting up with bookish friends. 
    • Some of my friends do not attend the same university as I do in New York, though they are close by and can easily stop by to read and char at the library. When we use the library for this function we tend to stay for hours on end.
These are the reasons that I go to the library near me, however they offer many other activities than this, such as reading hours, craft days, technology classes, and free computer usage. Each and every one of these activities that are hosted provide crucial entertainment or knowledge to those in the community. In order for libraries to afford to maintain their stacks of books and wonderful programs, they must have the communities interest and support. For that reason I am asking you all to go to your local library and get a library card to explore everything that librarians work so hard to build for our communities world wide. 

Why do you use your local libraries, let me know in the comments?

Thank You Librarians!


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