Choosing My Next Book

Choosing My Next Read: 
How, Why, and When?

Hello all, 

Today I thought it would be intriguing to check in with you all and explain how I decide what to read next especially after finishing an amazing book. As you all will know I am working my way through Waking Gods by: Sylvain Neuvel for review, I am absolutely loving it and I am almost done so I will soon need to select my next book. There are many scenarios which will determine my next read, for example, my enjoyment of the prior book I read can slow my rate of picking up my next read, while if I read a character heavy novel I will tend to pick up a lighter novel. So with this current moment in time let me take you through my selection process and internal questions.

Picture it, a 19 year old male curled up in his college dorm room by his bookcase slowly turning the last page of a phenomenal science fiction novel (Waking Gods). The weather is bleak and miserable outside, with rain clouds that have not let up in days. Diving into another world is crucial for his enjoyment of the coming Uni week. This is my current state. The questions that I am asking myself in order to select my next read and their answers are as follows:

  • Why do I want to pick up another book, I do not want to leave this world yet?
    • "I am a reader, and blogger, so I guess reading is my hobby, joy and entertainment whilst at Uni. I read to explore and escape, so, Let's Go on an Adventure!"
  • Why did you enjoy your last book so much?
    • "The plot and characters were more vivid and engaging than any other science fiction novel that I have read! The pacing was fast and fun, light yet thought provoking when it was applicable." 
  • Am I ready for something like that again right now, after all the tears and fast paced thrills it gave?
    • "He** yes! I cannot wait for another fast paced book with this level of character growth and world building in it. Though I am not sure I want to leave this wonderful world yet."
  • Which genre are you in the mood for?
    • "Science Fiction, Fantasy, with a hint of literary fiction. Essentially I am looking for something that has great character growth, with an engaging plot and setting." 
  • How long do you want this book to take you to read, or how long should it be? 
    • "I am in the mood to crank through books in order to review them for you all, I would say a good speed to finish would be in 4 days, and the length should be no longer than 500. "
  • What books to I have that fit this description? 
    • Shotgun Lovesongs by: nickolas Butler (literary) 
    • The Sword of Summer by: Rick Riordan (Middle grade fantasy) 
    • CUP by: Robert Wills & Rachael Kasper (literary) 
    • Ninefox Gambit by: Yoon Ha Lee (science fiction) 
    • Rendezvous with Rama by: Arthur C. Clarke (science fiction) 
    • Strange the Dreamer by: Laini Taylor (fantasy) 
  • How will I choose what to read next? 
    • "Try the first chapter of the ones which intrigue me most, and then carry on with the most engaging. I have not started them all yet but the ones I am going to try are: SHotgun Lovesongs,  Ninefox Gambit, Rendezvous with Rama, The book of Joan, Strange the Dreamer."
These are the questions that have been floating around my head since completing my last book, the amazing Waking Gods by: Sylvain Neuvel. The review for which will be up tomorrow for my Friday post. I hope you all have enjoyed getting this glimpse into my mind when it comes to choosing my next read. I will let you know what I choose in my next weekly plans post, so stay tuned!

How do you all choose your next book?

Happy Reading!


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