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A Week in Review: 

Hello Everyone! 

I am sorry that I have been missing in action over the past few days. I have been rather busy here at university with school work and examinations, therefore reading has been slow at the best. I know this is not something that anyone would like to hear about, as this is supposed to be a place where I post my reviews and bookish banter. I promise that bookish content will be in the works for this coming week since I am done with exams until finals arrive in two weeks. 

This week has been filled with reading for my organic chemistry exam, and the scientific articles that I must read and analyze for classes here; however now it is the weekend and I am ready to dive into the weekends free choice reading. When I was not reading for courses I spent my time catching up with my YouTube subscription feed, and listening to my new favorite musical soundtrack, The Great Comet of 1812. This is based on a scene from Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace , which inadvertantly I have purchased to read now since I have fallen in such deep love with the characters in the shows cast. This is going to be a "minor" task of mine to complete during the summer months in hopes to finish this tome and share my thoughts on both the musical and story if I am able to see the show on Broadway at the end of the summer. 

Lofty classical dreams are in my future, but of interest to all I am delving further into many books at the moment which will allow me to review and chat more to you all about the phenomenal books that I read. This weekend will be filled with work and reading so I will be attempting to read sections from the following books: 
  1. The Hearts of Men

    1. By: Nickolas Butler
    2. This was kindly sent to me by the publisher Ecco books for a review. It discusses the importance of Boy Scouting and the family issues that surround those who attend the summer camps, which is something I have a deep connection to. I am enjoying his style and portrayal of this languid summer camping scene. 
  2. CUP 
    1. By: Rachael Kasper and Robert Wills
    2. This again was kindly gifted to me by the authors for a review, I have been loving Ellen's meandering plotline so far, however school and other things got in the way but I am finally ready to pick it back up again. This novel has a deeply researched setting and a decadent slow burning writing style to top it all off. 
  3. A Science Fiction or Fantasy book of my choosing. 
    1. Because we all need to pick something on a whim to indulge in the expansive and creative worlds that are out there for us. 
I am going to be reading this weekend and exploring the bookish world to escape from my heavily scientific work world. How do you all unwind after the work week? I will be brewing tea, with a cozy blanket in my chair reading or sitting outside in my hammock with a cool glass of water and a book. 

Enjoy spring everyone! 
Tune in tomorrow for Self Published Saturday!

Happy Reading!


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