Weekly Reading Plans

Weekend Reading Plans: 
Hello All, 

I am coming to you today to let you know what I am going to aim on reading this weekend. I do have a very busy Saturday planned, however all of Sunday is just going to be dedicated to myself and doing homework. I do have quite a list of books for review, all of which I aim to complete by their release date, to do that I must start a lot of them this weekend to get ahead with them.With that said, I do realize for my slow reading pace all of these books will not be read this weekend, though I would like to make a large dent in most of them. 

I was so lucky to receive a copy of Waking Gods by: Sylvain Neuvel from the publisher, Del Rey, so I would love to dive into this story and finish it this weekend since it is released on April 4th 2017. This is book number two in the Themis Files series which follows the discovery of a few giant malformed human robots that are the size of sky scrapers. The whole premise of these books is to unravel the meaning or intent that these robots have so society and the human race. I am so excited to jump back into a world full of whitt and science, which have essentially become my life for the foreseeable future. This novel is 324 pages long with an interview format for the majority of the book which should make it a quick and engaging read which I will finish this weekend. 

I am also going to attempt to make progress in the independently published novel,  CUP which I have begun and am about 135 pages through out of the roughly 550 which it has. This is a slow moving tale that I do not want to rush so we will see where I am able to read to this weekend. The story is rich in detail and character growth which slows the pacing, however I could not be more happy to read every word that this writing duo has penned.  

The last book that I would like to make progress in is the book that I chose to read on my own, Shotgun Lovesongs by:Nickolas Butler. I found this book on Goodreads when browsing and was instantly hooked with the authors background in Boy Scouts of America and his connections/portrayals of small towns. I think this one is going to get a very very high rating from me, though only time will tell the truth. I am currently on page 44 of this book which is 304 pages, I think that it is plausible that I read until page 100 this weekend if given the time. Butler's description of small towns and the quirky events that can arise in them is spot on which is what initially drew me to this novel, out of homesickness for my rural VT town. 

I hope you all are able to pick up some wonderful books this weekend! Let me know if you are going to check out these books, or what you will be reading this weekend in the comments below. 

Happy Reading!


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