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My Story

Hello all, 

I am here today by popular demand to chat about my non bookish life. I know that you all are here to see my bookish life and chat about the books that I love, however I received a request today via Twitter to chat about my time about my non-bookish life. I am here to tell you all about who I am in my daily life. I promise that this will be the one and only about my non book life, since this blog follows my life as a reader and not my general life.

In my daily life I am a college student going to school in upstate New York in the USA where I am studying Biology. I hope to work after school as a conservation ecologist as a field researcher in New England. I got to this point through a long journey of high school where I graduated second in my class of 42 in rural Vermont. During my junior year in high school this is where I began writing this blog and reviewing the things that I love, my books. Aside from reviewing books, during high school I was also in the Boy Scouts of America Program where I learned what it meant to be a productive and civically engaged.  In my senior year of high school I attained my Eagle Scout rank which is the highest award that you can get in scouting, similar to national honor society and graduating at the top of your class. 

These pillars of knowledge that I learned while in scouting have followed me throughout my life scince. While I have only been out of scouting for a year, the friends that I made while in scouting have left a lasting impression on me which I will forever carry in my heart. Aside from scouting and working on the blog I was busied by my coursework and clubs in high school such as student council and yearbook committee. My time in high school was a time of discovery and expanding my knowledge more than it was fun, however I am happy to report that now after making a successful transition into University life. What I am doing now is something that I hope will make a difference in the world when I am out of Uni working for a living. 

While at Uni I am studying the biological sciences which is something that I found I loved very much when I was in high school and participated in the many scouting camping trips. This degree is something that I chose instead of the pre-veterinary as I was scared of the lengthy schooling and debt that would shackle me with such a degree. With Biology I found a happy balance with helping people and working with the animals that I love so much. This summer I will be staying in upstate New York to research the population dynamics of a small endangered warbler, Golden Winged Warblers. These small birds have been crossing with a close sister species for years and are diluting their gene pool which is what I want to ultimately uncover why they are doing this, I would be happy to share later if anyone would like. Aside from my research, course load of:
  1. Organic Chemistry 2
  2. Organic Chemistry Lab
  3. Physics 2 and Physics 2 Lab
  4. Biostatistics and Lab
  5.  Research methods course
and my honor society presidential position on the Beta Beta Beta chapter at my university I tend to spend the rest of my spare time reading and writing this blog for you all to read and interact with. I love my degree and my social life, however this blog allows me to open my mind to the creative outlets that I don't see around me. This endeavor of blogging and chatting about my bookish life is the best aspect of my life right now and I cannot see an end in the future! 

Oh and in my free time when I am not in a bookshop or studying I can also be found hiking the many high peaks in the Adirondack state park!

I will be back to chat books again on Monday, until then, I hope you are all able to relax and read a bit this weekend!

Happy Reading...


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