Self Published Saturday 3/25/17

Self Published Saturday
March 25th 2017

Hello everyone, 

Today's Self Published Saturday is going to be very short and sweet. I again would urge you all to check out CUP by: Robert Wills and Rachel Kasper! This is a slow burning book with characters that will warm your heart as you follow them through their journey with Ellen. This book is the same novel that I spoke about last week, I bring it up again because I would like it to receive more publicity than it has prior. The writing of this novel is impeccable and succinct, the characters have begun to grow with me, to the point where I think of them constantly. I hope to have this book completed within the week to review for you all on the next segment of Self Published Saturday, Uni permitting. 

This wonderful historical fiction  novel is one of the very few books that I own and have actually risked my time with reading. I must say that this is not fair to all of the wonderful authors out there who need to be given a chance, which is why I am asking you all here. I would love to carry this segment on in which I feature a new book weekly and read it and review it for you all to know the quality before investing in it; however to do that I need self published book recommendations. Though yes the book must be self published and easily available, there are a few qualities I would like each to have. 
  1. Self Published 
  2. Well written 
    1. This does not mean it must be overtly floral writing with large eloquent words, though grammatically it must be sound. 
  3. Preferably Science Fiction or Fantasy
  4. Any page length
These suggestions I will take into consideration when compiling books to read or highlight on this segment in the future. There are a few ways that you can submit recommendations to me: 
  • Tweet me @Komondor70
  • Comment on this post with the title and author
  • Email me, at
I will take suggestions whenever they arrive, but please do participate and help the self published world grow. 

Happy Reading!


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