Self Published/ Small Press Saturdays

Self Published/Small Press Saturday!

Hello everyone! 

Today I have been reading and boiling off some sap with my brother to make maple syrup. I apologize for the lack of a post on Friday, however I was on my way home from Uni and did not have time to post. I am back today with a regular segment I will be doing here on my blog, and all other regularly scheduled posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! This segment was inspired by a current read of mine, CUP that was written by an amazing duo in my hometown, Robert Wills and Rachael K. Kasper. 

During these segments I would like to highlight self published works that I have enjoyed or will be anticipating in the near future. I know that I have said this before, however it sickens me how many authors fall through the cracks because people are too scared to take a leap of faith on their work. I am here now to shine a light on works I love or will be purchasing in the near future. 

As I said, this blog post was inspired by the wonderful book that I am currently reading, CUP. This book was something that I reached out to review by the authors whom as I mentioned live in my home town. This book has an intriguing plot, however as with many self published works I was speculative as to the quality of writing that would be showcased. However when I picked this book up I was pleasantly surprised to see an immersive period correct dialect and syntax that mimics that of England in 1925! This is something that I did not think could be done with such succinct and comprehensive prose, however I was happily proved wrong. 

This story follows a couple, John and Anna Thorpe as they go on the journey together to protect deaf and brutally abused women (Ellen) who wanders into their life. The women who appears on their porch is anything but ordinary, she will bring joy and a new challenge to their life, a truly beautiful tale of love and friendship. This book was published recently via the Amazon publishing platform, which may deter some of you from purchasing it but I want to urge you all to try it and then decide. I will be reviewing this in about a week or two when I have completed it, in which I'll share a section with you all. My point in sharing this is to say that we all need to give self published authors and the "underdog" a shot, they may shock you as Rachael and Robert have done with me!

I must be back to reading, but please take the time to check out CUP on Facebook, and Amazon! Links below: 

Happy Reading! 

I will see you all on Monday for another fun and important week of blogging and sharing my love of books!


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