Book Buying

Book Buying

Hey Guys, 

If you have watched my YouTube channel (MyBookishEmpire) or followed this blog for any length of time, you will know that I buy a LOT of books. I know you also may be thinking, wow he buys a ton or knows about so many but he does not review all of them right away if he is reading them right away. I am here today to speak about book buying, its perks to the reader and publishing world, and why I find it cathartic/enjoy it. 

Book buying, put simply is the act of purchasing books in any form from any retailer. This act does not innately promise reading or enjoyment of the object, however we can all hope that these feelings are evoked when opening a book for the first time. In this day and age book retailers are everywhere we look, online, brick and mortar stores, and even large chain stores also selling books. The ease of attaining these bound shreds of trees has become easier than ever, and with that reading should increase, this may not be the case always. I can say from seeing changes in physical bookstores that they are going through a hardship within their industry and niche at the moment. Readers have become accustomed to Amazon, BookDepository, or Bookoutlet to get their books delivered to them, instead of visiting a store when available. This simple fact is why I always indulge myself when I am home to browse and purchase items from my local bookshop. 

Book buying for me is something that should be done sparingly, since I can get swept up in the magic of books in the wise words from Pokemon "Gotta catch them all!". That being said I do still purchase a lot of books for my slow reading pace. You may ask me, why, you are a middle class college student and money must be tight. Yes sometimes at school money is tight, yes sometimes I cannot afford all that I want in life but I always can make ends meet when needed. I purchase books to help authors and publishers. If I know that I would like to read an author's work one day, I will pick it up when I see it to remember and have it "at the ready" on my shelf. This may seem odd since I have a high likelihood of not getting to all of the books I will buy, however the help it is giving to the book publishing world and authors around the globe is not something I will refuse. I realize only a small percentage goes to publishers and authors so I do not claim to make a huge impact, but I do hope to say that I contributed. 

Aside from the "help" I am doing to the publishing world, I also purchase books to read and enjoy their stories within. Each book is essentially purchasing a paperbound safe vacation from reality, being that I cannot afford to travel right now why should I not amass a ton of new "destinations"? Reading and collecting novels are my hobby, some run, some swim, some build bird houses as a hobby, but I purchase and enjoy the written word. 

The hunt for a good deal or my next book is always fun and interesting to explore the possibilities, I can literally pick up any book in the world but I must select the perfect one in the proper edition. Call me crazy, but if you are a book lover as am I, you will know the feeling I speak of. Book buying, and reading are my hobbies. Do I have too many books now, sure one could argue that. But would I rather buy books than go to amusement parks or eat out every week, absolutely! Small doses of eating out and trips let me appreciate them all the more, however reading is my passion, my escape, my hobby. 

I know this was a rather rambly post chatting about why I buy books and what makes me justify the quantity. I hope you enjoyed, and on some level can connect with my reasoning. 

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Happy Book Hunting!


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