Weekly Reading Goals

Weekly Reading Goals: 
March 20th 2017

Hey Guys!

I am here today to speak about my weekly reading plans and what I intend to plow through during my spring break. I know many of my friends are in exotic locales across the globe, however I am in my paradise, my room with books. I know you all are probably thinking, 'a 19yr old male who loves reading in his rural Vermont home?' yes, that is me. I am a strange dichotomy of old soul and new. Regardless of my peculiar plans and love of silence here are the books that I plan to read during this week. 

I am home from Uni for spring break until Sunday, unfortunately I do have school work that I need to work on as well so I am going to set my goals low and pray I read more. I am currently reading, as CUP. This is a lovely amble through the impact of a traumatized deaf girl on an english family during the early 1900's. I will talk at length when I am done with the novel, however suffice it to say that I am enjoying it greatly though it is a very slow burn. I would love to complete this before the end of the month in two weeks, though it is not a story that I would like to rush through and not savor so we will see when I finish it.  
you will know if you saw my last post,

I am also currently reading The Night Circus by: Erin Morgenstern. This is a novel that I was not intending to pick up over my break, however yesterday (Sunday) I was craving another circus book similar to Caraval by: Stephanie Garber and this one popped out on my shelves
to fit the build. I would like to complete this novel or atleast make progress in it. I am enjoying this book as well, however it too has a meandering plotline that I do not want to rush through. This book nods to the French language quite heavily with its names and terminology which I am finding soothing and enchanting as I took French in school for 4 years in elementary school and 3 in highschool. With a rich plot and deeply moving cast of characters, this book has me hooked.

I also have other books that I may begin or delve further into during this period of time, which includes: 
  • Shotgun Lovesongs by: Nickolas Butler
  • Hear the Wolves by: Victoria Scott (ARC copy)
  • Waking Gods by: Sylvain Neuvel (ARC copy) 
  • Ninefox Gambit by: Yoon Ha Lee 
    • This is a book that I attempted to read earlier last year and failed at, however it has been nominated for a bookish prize that I am following (Booktube SFF Awards) therefor I must try again. This is one that I am not eager to read but I think I MUST read it now or never since I have enough time to devote to the complex plot. 
These are the many books that I could be reading this week. I do realize that this is a very very ambicious TBR for only a week with other plans, but I am up to the challenge! What are you all currently reading, and how do you decide your next reads? 

Happy Reading!


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