Updates, And November TBR


As you all have seen I have been very sporadic this year with posts, I am very sorry about that. I love blogging and sharing my bookish thoughts with you, however I have yet to finish a single book since being here at University. I have some tags and a book haul that I will be filming and uploading to the channel in the near future, however I am trying to finish a book first to review on here for you all. I promise I still am reading, it is just at a snails pace. 

Another reason why I needed to come on here is to say that the posts will be sporadic for the next two weeks at best. Many things have recently gone downhill in my life and I need some time to process everything and get on my feet again. I do not wish to put this burden on you all however I don't want you to be questioning my absence. Know that I am okay, and I will be back I just need some time to take a break and stand once again on solid ground on my own. The reason why the blog would not really help me through this is because it reminds me so much of the recent events; though this blog will live! I promise that in two weeks time, the blog, and myself will be stable and back into the swing of life however for now we are going to take a break. 

During this break I am going to focus on reading what I want to and actually completing something to review for you all! I have so many books on the go right now that I cannot even keep track so I am going to take some time to fix that. I promise you I will have read atleast one book in these next two weeks so look out for a review! 

I would love for all of you to not loose touch with the Empire, so please follow me on Twitter @Komondor70 (MyBookishEmpire) and I will post daily on there, I just cannot promise that for this blog at the moment. 

November To Be Read Pile: 

This month I have decided to go light on what I choose as I have not finished anything these past few months and I need to in order to reach my Goodreads goal for the year. I am picking three books and leaving the rest open to my own choices for the books to fill the extra gaps.

  1. The Phantom of The Opera
    1. By: Gaston Leroux 
    2. This book is something I have been curious to pick up for many years and recently I picked it up to do a buddy read with someone and they are not around now to do the readalong (part of my sadness). I had bought two copies on for me and the other for her, and I cannot justify letting them sit and go to waste. Though this is a book that causes me great pain to even look at I will plow on. 
  2. Alexander Hamilton 
    1. By: Ron Chernow 
    2. This is the wonderful biography that has inspired the amazing musical HAMILTON! As many of you should be aware I am obsessed with all things Hamilton therefor it is about time that I read this book and then I can hopefully get tickets to the show and see it next year! I am a total fan and I honestly never thought I would read such a large biography, but I guess it is fitting with Non-fiction November. Non-fiction November was created to make us step out of our fictionalized worlds and explore other topics, that is exactly what I aim to do with this book.
  3. Jerusalem 
    1. By: Alan Moore 
    2. Hopefully this is the last month I will need to mark this as currently reading. I love the story but man is Moore long winded in this epic! I am going to be reviewing this for the lovely folks at Liveright Publishing which I could not be more happy about; though I must complete the tome first. 
These are the only books that I am marking for me to read in the month of November because I know the next two weeks I am going to need some introspective time and time to think. Not to mention another round of exams are coming, and I will need to focus a ton of energy into those instead of my free choice readings. I will be back you guys! Mark your calendars for November 14th, because that is the day you will have new and awesome content back from the Empire! 

Happy Reading!

I hope you all understand why I need a break. Please keep checking the blog; I may have some surprise posts coming up throughout my two week hiatus but there will not be the usual three posts a week. 


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