My Reader Manifesto

My Reading Manifesto:
Every time I see a Library.

Me, I am a reader who loves all things bookish not just the written word. I love the fandoms, the merchandise, and yes the books themselves. I am a collector of gorgeous covers, beautiful bindings, and the ink sodden pages. I display novels as though they were art, yet I read as though they are my lifeline. I am the quite person you will often seen curled up with a good book hiding away the day in a cozy coffee shop, or the reading nook beneath my bed. I am the casual lover of literature who will read almost anything that is handed to me, though my love and specialty is Science Fiction and Fantasy. Student by day, reader by night. I am a lover of the written word... 

I read for fun, I read for thought, I read for myself and myself alone. I read to experience new worlds, and walks of life. To me reading is not just escapism, it is a way of life; the way I live and experience the unimaginable. I love to read whenever and wherever I am, on a bus, on a train, or in the rain. Reading keeps me sane in this chaotic world that we all live in, though often times it drives me even more nutty along the way. 

I read to expand my mind with the many experiences that can be seen in fiction that are not available to me in life outside the pages. With the books I read, my aim is to share my thoughts and opinions with those who have their own innate love of reading, you all! I read to critique, I read to escape, I read to share experiences with those around me. I read day in and day out, for joy, for experiences, and for love of the written word. 

Reading, to me it expands beyond a hobby. 
Reading is my life!
Happy reading! 


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