Update time!

 An Update:

Hello everyone!

I am writing a quick update post for today instead of doing the regularly scheduled Monday Madness. My reasoning for writing an update instead is because I have not completed anything or changed my goals yet with the books that I am reading, I am still reading: 
  1. Jerusalem by: Alan Moore
  2. Americanah by: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 
  3. Summerlong by: Peter S. Beagle 
  4. Special Topics in Calamity Physics by: Marisha Pessl
These books will continue to be on my currently reading que until I finish them, sadly I do not know if I will finish anything for the month of October. I have been in a book slump for the past month and I just cannot seem to get back into the wonderful books that I started prior, however I do not want to start anything else that is new. You all understand what a book slump is, I hope. 

Book Slump: When you pick up as many books as you want to start reading and slowly loose interest in completing them, yet no book captures your attention at the same time. 

This book slump has been particularly nasty because of the amount of work that has been assigned here at University, which sadly I am unable to ignore. Every time I find time to read I do not have the beast of a book that I want to finish with me, Jerusalem. This book I find very hard to read without my ARC right in front of my due to the fact that my mind wanders without an object (book) to focus on while I listen to audiobooks. What do you all do while you listen to audiobooks to keep your mind focused on the story being played to you? 

Aside from trying to keep my head above the sea of work that I have to complete, I have been slowly sucked into the abyss that is Netflix for the next seasons of two of my all time favorite shows, Reign and Arrow! I am excited that the next seasons are released for both shows, however they have crippled my reading time. I this week am going to get to do some fun things such as seeing my parents on the weekend, and hopefully having a relaxing reading day at some point in the week. 

I am also sorry that no post went up on Friday, I was strapped with work and I did not have the time to post or even film for the Youtube channel. I will announce as soon as I post on the Youtube channel, though do not hold your breath for having a video go live this week. 

Happy Reading!


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