Friday Reads!

Friday Reads...

Hello everyone! 

I am coming to you this week after a very stunted week with little reading and blog posts. I am sorry for that. I have had to take three examinations this week for my classes, Ecology, Physics, and Organic Chemistry. I was busy studying all of these that I was unable to read for the blog and for the publishers I am obligated to. But this week I am going to change that since I only have one examination to worry about and a break through until Wednesday! I am going to be a little ambitious and I know that I will not get all of these books done; though I do intend to get through a large chunk of them! 

Reading for the weekend: 

  • Americanah 
    • by: Chimanda Ngozi Adiche
    • Read 106 pages 
  • Shelter 
    • by: Jung Yun
    • Read 108 pages 
  • The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
    • by: Alan Bradley
    • Read 91 pages
  • Jerusalem
    • by: Alan Moore 
    • Read 100 pages 
Total Page Count: 305 pages

I am going to be busy reading and hanging out with all of my friends. I am going to be reading and having fun relaxing with this lovely cool fall breeze and crunching leaves. I will be doing a very fun bookshop touring trip tomorrow Saturday October 8th with my girlfriend in New York; if that is something that you want to hear or see parts of follow me on Twitter @Komondor70 !

I will have a video live on my YouTube channel tomorrow, so be sure to check in and see the awesome Fall Book Tag!

Happy Reading!


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