Monday Madness!

Monday Madness:
 September 5th 2016

Hello Everyone! 

I am back. Yesterdays video on my YouTube channel did not go live, there are many reasons for this most of which are non valid reasons. I will be switching my filming and posting days to Tuesday for the foreseeable future as I have the most free time then. The next video where I show you my reading nook and just chat for a bit will go up this coming Tuesday, September 6th. 

Aside from filming and uploading this week, I will also ramp up my reading goals for some review copies in order to share the awesome stories with you in the form of reviews. I am going to change my pacing for: 

  • Jerusalem by: Alan Moore
    • Old Pace: 79 pages a day
    • New Pace 130 pages a day
      • This pacing will keep me on my feet and always reading this tome! I am aiming to have a review up for the 13th and I have fallen behind on my prior goals therefor I had to readjust. Thus far in my readings (through page 103) I am enjoying the HUGE scope that Moore is taking on with this novel; however my one qualm with the book would be that the pacing is very slow and steady. Usually a slow and steady pace I would not mind, however when the novel is near 1,300 pages long a shot of rapid fire action cannot hurt. 
    • Jerusalem Goodreads page
Regardless if I finish the book to review directly on publication day or not, I will be hosting a giveaway for one hardcover copy of this tome! So check in daily to see when that goes live! 

My next reading goal this week is to complete another novel that I just began a few days ago. I would like to complete:
  •  Summerlong by: Peter S. Beagle 
    • Which I kindly received from Tachyon Publishing group. I have already started this novel, and I must say that it is a very bizarre novel, and I am intrigued when it will transition into the fantastical at this point. 
    • Current Page: 57
    • Total Page Count: 256
    • Summerlong Goodreads Page
These two novels will certainly keep me very busy for the coming week. I am hoping to check in later in the week and let you all know the progress I have made in Jerusalem, which I hope to be a large chunk. With that being said, I am sorry for the lack of reviews on this blog. I do have so many books I will review but this tome, Jerusalem, landed at the top of my review que finally and has clogged the pipes for other books. 

In addition to making progress within Jerusalem this week I will also be posting some creative posts including: 
  • What I thinks makes a Tome worth reading.
  • Shuffling the stacks: An organizational inspiration (Post)
  • End of the year goals
  • Jerusalem Giveaway & Review 
  • Exciting Fall 2016 Releases!
Happy Reading!
Please chat on Twitter @Komondor70 if you have read either of these two crazy well known authors, because these two novels are my first attempts to read their work.


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