Monday Madness 9-26-16

Monday Madness

As it is now fall, and my optimal reading weather is setting in I am ramping up for a busy few weeks in University and the blog world. I have some pretty amazing books planned for this week that you have all seen before though I am going to finish them since I will need to have posted reviews by Friday! I am going to be trying to complete these two books by Thursday in order to have the reviews up for this weekend! The books for this week are: 

  • Jerusalem by: Alan Moore
    • Which I have about 600 pages to go before this is done for me. I am really loving the plot and all of the characters and the commentary on the Boroughs, as he seems to deal with the themes of poverty and wealth dispersion. 
    • I need to read a total of 177 pages. 
      • I am hoping that this will be do-able by the end of the week, as I am listening to the audiobook on a faster speed than I can read, I have some faith in myself. 
  • Summerlong by: Peter S. Beagle 
    • I have 190 pages left. I will therefor have to read about 50 pages a day which is manageable on its own though in junction of Jerusalem. 
With this lofty goal for the week is very ambitious as usual though I am hoping to have it work out so you all will have some new and inviting reviews to come and enjoy. Though don't expect to see the Jerusalem review until Saturday or Sunday because I have to write out my thoughts on this behemoth, that Moore has devoted ten years to crafting. 

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Happy Reading...


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