Monday Madness 9-19-2016

Monday Madness 
September 19th 2016

Hello Everyone! 

As I am sure you will know, today is the last day of the #DiverseAThon, and I have not read nearly any of my TBR books for the week. I completed A Long Way Gone by: Ishmael Beah, but I have yet to finish I am Malala or even start Homegoing by: Yaa Gyasi.  Needless to say it has been a dismal week for reading! This coming week I intend to make the reading pace jump into high gear with Jerusalem as the review is going up on September 30th! 

Aside from tackling the tome that is Jerusalem, I would also like to slowly continue reading from my #DiverseAThon TBR! I will be completing I am Malala this week and posting a review on Friday if all goes well. I know this is a very bland update, however I am really going to have to focus on reading the tome that is Jerusalem in order to get the review out on time; so I am sorry if this was predictable. 

Posts This Week: 
  • A Long Way Gone by: Ishmael Beah 
    • Review on Wednesday
  • I am Malala by: Malala Yousafzai
    • Review on Friday (hopefully) 
  • #DiverseAThon Wrap up 
  • A sit and chat video
  • Maybe a surprise vlog or video if the mood strikes

Happy Reading!

I am sorry for the short post, you all will be getting a ton of reviews within the coming weeks, since I am nearing the end of so many books all at once!

Don't forget to enter the International Giveaway for Jerusalem! Ending on September 30th:


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