Monday Madness Sept. 12th 2016

Monday Madness!
September 12th 2016

Hello Everyone, 

I am back again late at night to share with you all my reading plans for this coming week! I have posted a lot as of late about my reading goals and what I am hoping to read in the near future; however a lot has shifted in the last weeks.
This week has a very exciting event going on, the #DiverseAThon which as I am sure you all know or can infer is a read-a-thon that is promoting diversity. Incase you are not familiar with the controversy that has occurred in the past week; I will shed some light on it here. In the past few weeks a video sprang up on YouTube that was bashing diversity and those people who believed that we all need to focus on the topic and advocate, the women who posted this spiraled into chaos and name slinging to those who focus on reading diverse authors. This video infuriated many people within the community due to its commentary and hurtful messages; though some lovely people took this horrific video and turned a positive leaf. That positive leaf is the #DiverseAThon this is a read-a-thon that was created by some lovely people on YouTube who I will link to, where they challenge us all to read from a diverse view point and participate in some crucial Twitter chats throughout the week. I will be participating throughout the week, I have made a few posts about it with my to be read pile and my opinions on the topic of diversity. 

#DiverseSThon Posts & Videos; 
This week I will be very busy trying to participate in the #DiverseAThon, though on top of reading for this challenge I will also attempt to make progress in Jerusalem by: Alan Moore which I was kindly sent for review by Liveright Publishing. Though Jerusalem is released tomorrow, I will not have it completed by the publication day and I intend to have it completed by the end of the month! I will have a giveaway and progress update live for tomorrow (September 13th 2016) morning on the release date of this tome!

I have some very exciting videos planned this week encompassing the topics of diversity and books, including: 
  • My Views on Diversity/ What does Diversity Mean to me?
  • A chat about Homegoing by: Yaa Gyasi
    • This will be a vlog style as I go throughout the book to record and share my thoughts about the book and its messages. This will be up by Monday September 19th 2016.
  • #DivseAThon Wrap up also up on Monday night! 
Needless to say this week will be filled with bookish shennanigans and I cannot wait for you all to come along on this chaotic week with me; stay tuned for some updates soon!

Happy Reading! 

In this coming week please keep an open mind to those who are different from you, in all that encompasses Diversity!


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