Friday Reads 9-23-16

Friday Reads: 
September 23rd 2016   

As I am sure you all will be able to guess by now what I will be reading this weekend, though I intend to be completed with this book by this coming Friday September 30th. That book is...: 


By: Alan Moore

This tome was sent to me by the lovely folks at Liveright Publishing for an honest review. It was released on September 13th 2016 however I am just about halfway through it by now, and I intend to finish it! I am loving every second of this weird and very wacky ride of a novel! The book in theory should not be enjoyable or cohesive at all, though I am thoroughly attached to the place known as the boroughs in England. The narrative voice that Moore is able to capture within this tome is something that few have ever succeeded at before! While the pace of the book is slow, and at times tedious; the over arching plot-line and character growth is a wonderful romp through time and space. Moore has certainly raised the bar from his prior novel Voices of Fire though I still would like to read it, assuming the caveman's speech patterns stop soon. 

  • My weekend goal for this novel is to read at a minimum 400 pages in this book to become ahead of schedule so I am able to write my review promptly for Friday!

Regardless of my incoherent babbling right here in this infinitesimally small blog post, I think this novel is going to be one of an all time favorite scale! Perhaps not the best book of the year but surely one of the most enjoyable romps I have had the privilege to read in a great while! You all should enter my giveaway for a UK paperback copy of this book, link bellow. I will be selecting a winner in my review post this coming Friday September 30th 2016, just follow the instructions in that post to enter!

Happy reading all! 

Those are all of my puny thoughts about reading for this current weekend, and I will now be off to the land of Mansoul to catch up with my new friend Michael Warren in Jerusalem!


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