August Wrap Up/ Mini Reviews

August Wrap Up & Mini-Reviews

Hello everyone! 

This is a new segment that I have been pondering for a while, and I have come to the conclusion that it may be helpful for you all to see the books I have read and reviewed over them month, with linked reviews. I recognize that you will have heard of these books before in a review if you read this blog regularly, however in the same vein this will give you a unique list of all the books I read in a month and my quick thoughts on each. Without further ado let us kick off this segment with August 2016!

The Books!:
  1. The Night Sister by: Jennifer McMahon
    1. This book was absolutely wonderful, it was eerie and shared a wide depth of characters to add the this New England mystery Horror. I love McMahon's writing for the simple fact that she knows the perfect balances between character development and plot, using this she weaves a haunting tale of a lost sister, shape-shifters, and good old fashion Vermont ghost tales!
    2. Rating: 4.5 Stars
    3. Page Count: 384
    4. Publisher: Anchor
    5. Review Link:
  2. Red Right Hand by: Levi Black
    1. This book was underwhelming to say the least. I wanted to love this for many reasons, but it seemed to fall flat every single time it headed in the right direction for me. I thought the premise was awesome, but the characters just did not work well in my opinion.
    2. Rating: 2.5 Stars
    3. Page Count: 304
    4. Publisher: Tor Teen
    5. Review Link:
  3. Ghost Talkers by: Mary Robinette Kowal 
    1. This book is thus far my favorite fantastical novel of the year! This book will pull you in from page one, and entrance you for hours on end! This author knows her way around the written word, the uses a combination of elevated diction and prose to weave a strong group of characters together into one brilliant story. Everyone should try to read this very soon!
    2. Rating: 5 Stars!
    3. Page Count: 304
    4. Publisher: Tor Books
    5. Review Link:
  4. Lexicon by: Max Barry 
    1. This book launches out of the gate with a bang! This book has a pacing that is reminiscent of a bullet being fired from a gun, if you are not holding on you will fall behind! The plot is fun and surely interesting, however the concept "the literal Magic of words" had me entranced as I flew through this fast paced thriller!
    2. Rating: 4 Stars
    3. Page Count: 390
    4. Publisher: Penguin Books
    5. Review Link:

Those were all the novels that I completed in the month of August, let me know in the comments what you all have been reading or if you have read any of these gems! 

Happy Reading! 


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