Vicious By: VE Schwab REVIEW

One word review: Mesmerizing!

Plot: this novel follows Mitch, Victor Vale, and Sydney on their journey to end the dangerous 'villain' Eli, who has been long term friends with Victor since their times in university. This book is set in three times, ten years ago at their university, two nights earlier, and the present which is where we see the devious and divine characters on their on their sinister quest to kill Eli and stop his escapade of playing god.

Writing: Usually I am a slow reader, however V's style of simplistic prose and vivid descriptions allowed me to read this book at a much faster rate. The writing is very simple, but the descriptions are so well done that the story leaps from the page and becomes a film inside your mind.. V knows how to write suspense and definitely is one of the Queens of battle scenes..

Characters: Every single character has many flaws and in general an air of danger to them that is distinctly unique, none have 100% innocence by any stretch of the word. However that is what attracted me to them so much while reading this it felt more like seeing the world through a whole new filter that mirrored reality but took a  turn to the sinister.

General star Rating: *****/*****

General statement: This novel has taken the macabre and the contemporary and blended them into a dangerously sweet concoction that no reader will resist, this is a MUST read...

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