Allies & Assasins By: Justin Somper

Wow! This book was given to me to review by the lovely publishing company Little Brown, on a Goodreads Giveaway, and I would like to first of all thank them for this amazing book, but more importantly for the gift of a new author Justin Somper...

*This will be a very short review because this book has much of the plot that can spoil you..*

One Line Review: Mesmerizing, Chilling, and enchanting to the very end.

Tag Line: Game of Thrones meets Law & Order (AGREED!)
- This is the best description I could ever give this book, this is a fantasy world laced with murder and intrigue, just like Law & Order (Not as Predictable as Law & Order :)

Witting: The writing style in this book although is considered to be fit for middle grade, has not lost any of the great fantasy aspects that an adult book would have. The ease of diction and the flow have allowed me to fly through this book and focus all of my time and energy on these striking characters.

Characters: When the book begins it is very hard to relate, or even like anyone, however as the book progresses you find yourself wholeheartedly invested in each and every one. By the end of this book if you do not want to keep reading, I do not know what book will make you want to read more. The characters develop very slowly, giving you time to form a crush or favorite; my personal crush is Asta Peck, the spunky red headed Physicians Apprentice who sees all in the Princedom.

Closing Statement:
This is a Must Read!, The world, characters, and political perspective that you receive will have you hooked from page one...

Five Stars!
(Photo From Goodreads)


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