Kindle E-Reader Discussion

Hello all
I wanted to make a post for the Kindle ereaders, I know many of you out there do not like the ereader and would prefer a physical book to start with, however I have had the pleasure of using both a Kindle Fire, and the Kindle 2 with buttons; and would like to show you all my thoughts...

Kindle 2:
Great ereader, very inexpensive now, and has a very portable size for me to carry thousands of books on if I wanted to...

It is out of date and slightly less clear than the Fire that I have, and has no backlight of any kind.

Kindle Fire:
You have an ereader and a tablet in one and you can read or watch movies or search the web. although all these features may sound good it decreases my reading time. this also is an LCD screen and has a light.

The light is an LCD light and hurts your eyes if you read for long periods of time in the dark...

I now want to know all of your thoughts on the matter of Kindles, do you like them, or would you even use them....

I love my kindles for what they are but nothing will ever beat the feeling of a physical book.


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