Weekly Reading Goals

Weekly Reading Goals!
February 27th 2017

Hello Everyone!

I am back today to speak with you all about my reading goals for this week. I am really excited for what this week has in store for reading, and I hope that I am able to finish atleast one book so that I am able to review something for you all. I know at the moment I am a bit scatter brained and cannot really focus on one book or too long which believe me, it is just as annoying to me that I am unable to finish a book as it is to you all. This week my big goals are to complete atleast one book and continue with my reread. 

So with continuing my reread, that of course being  A Darker Shade of Magic by:  V.E Schwab. I am finding that this book is more engaging and entertaining the second time around, as the first time I read this was for Booktube SFF where I was trying to speed read to stay on track with the reading schedule. Now I have been allowing myself to go as slow as possible which is good for my enjoyment, though it means that my review will not be revised and posted until the end of next week I assume.  Once I complete this book I will be marathoning the rest of the series to ensure that I complete them this time and do not allow them to languish on my shelves for years. 

Man's best friend :) 
Aside from the wonderful rereading, I will be starting to read the shortlist for Booktube SFF 2017! The first book that I will be diving into from this stack is the novella nominee Every Heart a Doorway by: Seanan McGuire. This is the one book that I anticipate completing this week as it is a mere 169 pages. I have heard nothing but amazing things about this little novella and I am very eager to pick it up and attempt to read it this coming week!

I also will have American Gods by: Neil Gaiman still on the go with my pal Missy. This book is fun but it is very long as well so I was not anticipating it to take me a short amount of time at all. I am currently on chapter five if you would like to know which is 100 pages into this massive 500 page tome! I aim to complete it during this month, though we will see, we will see.... 

Those are my plans for this week in reading, I hope to attain most of my goals but only time will tell if that is possible. Many of you will remember that I am back at Uni right now, but while I was home I got a picture with my dog. So here, start your monday off right with a picture of the cutest Shar Pei in the world, Bubba!

Happy Reading...


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