Friday Reads!

Friday Reads: 

Hello Guys and Gals, 

I am back today to chat about what I intend to read this weekend! While this week has proven to be difficult to say the least, now that it is the weekend I am ready to plow through some great books. I hope to take a few hours each day to allow myself to read and relax, so without further ado here are the books I will attempt to complete this weekend!

The Books: 
  1. Caraval by:Stephanie Garber
    1. This book is similar to The Night Circus in that it is following a troop of performers on an illusive isle when an outcast comes to join in their games. I am thoroughly enjoying both the plot and character development and I cannot wait to review this for you all next week! 
    2. Pages Left to Read: 236
    3. Caraval Goodreads Page
  2. Peirene: Breach by: Olumide Popoola and Annie Holmes
    1. This book is a collection of short works written about the immigrants experience coming to the country. I really love the idea of this collection and want to complete it this weekend which it should not be too hard to complete since it is only a hundred pages in length. 
    2. Pages Left to Read: 128
    3. Breach Goodreads Page

With this weekend my goals are quite simple, to read and relax a little. With the help of these two books I think that this can be accomplished. I am loving Caraval and I cannot wait to dive further into the story and all of its magical depths! 

What will you all be reading this weekend?

Happy Reading!
Dive into a new world this weekend through the pages of a good book :)


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