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Weekly Reading Plans:
February 20th 2017

Hello All, 

Even with the chaos of Uni I have some books to read this week when I have a long weekend home. There are many more books aside from just the ones that I am going to show you today, however I feel like I should set myself a reasonable goal instead of my usually outlandish set. I am going to be home from Wednesday until Sunday so I will have a fair chunk of time to read while I am home on top of blogging and filming for the YouTube channel. During this time I am going to take a break and do what I need to do relax, I will have posts going up when I am home as well so be sure to check out what is going on in the Empire :)

Now let's discuss what I am going to be reading while I have this short time home.
  • American Gods 
    • Neil Gaiman 
    • This is a book that I began in the first week of the month as a buddy read, however as with everything I stopped reading it to focus on Uni. This book has mythology, American cynicism and sarcasm that I love reading Gaiman's worlds and his rich and imaginative writing. This will be my third Gaiman book reading so far and I hope to fly through it once I begin focussing on it. 
    • Pages left: 533
    • This is one that I think I will take slow and read only one chapter a day until the book is complete, as I have found rushing Gaiman is never a good idea. 
  • Sufficient Grace 
    • Amy Espeseth 
    • This is one of the books that was sent in this month's Moth Box that is curated by the lovely MercysMusings on YouTube. This book is not one that I have ever heard about as it is a self published British novel, however after trying the first few pages I think this book is going to consume my life. It follows a cult in a woodland setting which could not be any more ominous if it tried which makes it seem like the perfect book to curl up with in these cold months. I hope to be reading this wonderful book with my friend Kaitlin from Kitty G on YouTube. 
    • Page Count: 321
  • Stories of Your Life 
    • Ted Chiang 
    • This is a book of short stories that I began to read last week and did not make too much progress on, however I am loving them so much. I will be dipping in and out of this collection to break up the realist works that I am reading such as Sufficient Grace and some review copies. This collection has the story that inspired the astounding movie, Arrival which I just watched yesterday so I cannot wait to see the source material in comparison with the film. 
    • Pages Left: 281
I am hoping to complete most of these while I am home! What are you all trying to read this upcoming week? 

Happy Reading Guys!


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