February TBR Time!

February 2017
Week One

Hello Everyone! 

I wanted to begin this post by apologizing to you all about missing the post on Wednesday, life just got in the way of writing. However I am back and ready to share what bookish news that I have with you all in the coming days, as well as my first TBR of February 2017! I have decided that doing a weekly TBR would make me more comfortable as I will have the freedom to choose the books that I want to read as the month progresses. I hope you all see where I am coming from on this front, I just want this year to be more free for me to pick up books on a whim which is what this weekly TBR planning will allow me to do. 

This month I will be doing three buddy reads with two amazing friends Kaitlin from Kitty G on YouTube and my good pal Missy at BingeReader also on YouTube. I will share those books in their respective weeks but just know some Neil Gaiman reviews are coming, along with a few short story collection reviews! There will be author interviews this month, as well as some rambling posts where we can chat about the book industry and current and forthcoming releases. However at this moment in time I want to share my week one February TBR!

Week One: 
  • Stories of Your Life 
    • by: Ted Chiang 
    • This collection of short stories I have already started but have yet to complete, so I think this is going to be the first book I attempt to finish. This being a short story collection is very intriguing and holds many amazing short works in it that I have wanted to read for ages!
  • Peirene: Breach
    • by: Olumide Popoola and Annie Holmes 
    • This is another short story collection that I have started and not completed, however this one is surely going to be finished in the up coming week since it is only 105 pages total. This collection deals with immigration in the UK and actual people's experiences put into a fictionalized setting. At this point in time I truly believe that it is time for us to stand with immigrants and understand their stories. 
  • American Gods 
    • by: Neil Gaiman
    • This is a book that I am reading with Missy, and we both wanted to dive into it before the show was released later this year. I have no real clue what it is about, however I love Gaiman so I know it is going to be good regardless of the plot! This one is a chunky books so I am unsure if I will finish it in one week, but I will try my hardest.

I hope you all are having a wonderful reading week and the stacks of great books continue to pile upon your shelves! I would love to know what you are all planing on reading in the coming days, so let me know in the comments below!

Happy Reading!


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