Random Reading Ramblings

Random Reading Ramblings

Hey guys! 

SO I have not read a whole lot this week, even with my break so I thought I would pop in now and share with you some exciting things that I have seen this week in the bookish world! I tend to scroll through Twitter at a ravenous pace when I am bored or in line waiting for something, which luckily for you all is exactly where I found these tidbits of bookish goodness. 

This week as I am sure most of you will know was the release of A Conjuring of Light by: V.E Schwab. I was super excited to see her have another book hit shelves, she has written so many incredible books and regardless of the fact that I am not caught up on the series I am overjoyed that the final book has been released. In honor of this book's release I began rereading the trilogy so that I could read this final book! I think this second time through A Darker Shade of Magic I will enjoy it much more than the first time through the books and I hopefully will pick up on all of her nuances that she has placed throughout the novels. I also found some of the coolest bookmarks for the series which I am ordering later this evening as a treat for getting through the recent stressors at school.
Bookmark Etsy Link: Click Here

Aside from exciting book releases and new bookmarks, a few other excitig events happened in the bookish world. A Darker Shade of Magic has been optioned for a film with has no release date as of yet but it will be out within the next few years, V.E. will be helping with the directing, however she will no longer be writing the screenplay. From other series and bookish news, BookOutlet, as always, has another sale going on which almost enticed me to buy a lot of books from them again; however I am happy to say that I was able to restrain myself this time. I did not place any orders for books, however as I said, bookmarks will be mine soon! In the world of books in the Empire, I reviewed two books this past Wednesday, one of poetry and the other a silent graphic work. I enjoyed both of these immensely and would recommend that everyone picks them up to flick through! 

And lastly in the realm of bookish chattering that I have to speak about to you all is re-reading and marathoning series. I will be posting a full chat about these next week, but right here I wanted to preface this with a few thoughts and questions.

  • Rereads are time consuming and limit the new books you can read.
  • Rereads allow you to revisit worlds and characters that you know that you love. 
  • Marathoning series help to keep you immersed in the world and the complex plot of a series. 
  • Marathoning is simply the best way to go.
  • Do you reread often?
    • Why do you reread?
    • How do you decide what you want to reread?
  • Do you all Marathon series?
    • How do you keep early books in a series fresh in your mind without rereading them before the finale is published?
    • Which series do you recommend I marathon in the near future?
Leave your responses in the comments below and lets chat about rereading and marathoning series, both of which I would love to do more often this year.

Happy Reading this Weekend!


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