Reading Spontaneously

Reading Spontaneously

Hello Everyone!

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This morning I am here to chat about reading spontaneously and why I think we need to do it more. I clearly as a blogger sometimes fall into the mindset that I must read all the new releases coming out right this very second which is good in one sense, but detrimental in another. Reading new releases is wonderful, I love getting swept up in the hype for a novel's release and reading it simultaneously with thousands of other people globally and chatting about it. However being in this constant state of anticipation has its drawbacks, for starters you with never experience the joy of browsing a bookshop to find your next read. I used to do this all the time before I became a booktuber and a blogger, it was a great way to spend a cold saturday afternoon in Vermont. Perusing bookshelves at Bear Pond Books in Montpelier has allowed me to find some true gems that I would not have otherwise picked up, however in the same vain I never knew about the new and popular releases. 

Not knowing about new releases as much as every blogger and booktuber is does not always have negative connotations, though for me it meant spending hours perusing the used section for books that were many years old. I love old used books and the idea of recycling books through a used bookshop especially when you find some "new" books in the discounted area but without knowing the new releases I was always two steps behind the other readers in my life. The second drawback to paying close attention to new releases is that you as a reader will be less likely to pick up older works which may be just as good if not better or cheaper because they are in paperback. I am completely guilty of this, especially right now while I am in school as I do not have too much spare time and when I do I am either reading books for review which are not out yet or ones that I have just purchased. This is also a problem with how I select novels from my shelf to read, as I own I believe over 200 unread books at this point and some of them I just never am drawn to pick up because I have had them for so long. Not reading the books I own because they are older is incredibly petty I realize this because I bought them all because I loved the sound of them and wanted to explore their worlds at the time so I should want to dive in now as well. 

Whether you fall into the category of buying books in copious amounts and never getting to all of them inevitably or you buy books and read them but you feel as though you need to be on the cutting edge with your selection; I am here to tell you to read spontaneously! Reading spontaneously can have many different meanings whether you pick up a book from your shelf on a whim or purchase a book from the shops on a whim with no prior knowledge and begin to read; both are viable ways to expand your reading life and find new and amazing books that you will love for the rest of your life. I have taken this advice for the year. I will be purchasing less books and working to read my TBR or buy books that I strictly want to read in the moment, as this is good for my lack of shelf space and my wallet. Please everyone let this be the year of reading spontaneously to find new favorites and old pals amongst our shelves, let me know what one book you read on a whim and loved is. My book that I read on a whim and loved is Daughter of Smoke and Bone by: Laini Taylor. 

Happy Reading!


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