Wheel of Time Journey #1

This is going to be my way of documenting all of my thoughts on the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, which I have recently picked up on recommendation from my friend on Goodreads Kaitlin G. This series in case you don't know is all about an epic journey, lasting 14 books in total (all of which but book 7 I own in Hardcover). This was a very spontaneous and random series i bought because they were all under $6 on Bookoutlet.com and I knew I would read them sometime, though that time is this year!


I am hoping to have book one The Eye of The World completed by the end of September and continue reading one book a month until it is done, or one every two months, we will see :)

My Rewards System:
  • If I read one book in the series a month I will be allowing myself to purchase a bookmark instead of a book!
  • I will be going to College in the fall and I am fairly sure that will be in a rural town so I will be able to read a lot, however I will be struggling at first to juggle my time :) 


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