Let's Discuss (How Editions Effect the Reading Experience)

I have had this topic on my mind for a while and have just now decided to post it..

My first encounter: The Brandon Sanderson UK editions have given the story a unique feel, that none of the other editions can do to help the story.

What I mean when I say they influenced my experience is that they gave me the feelings...

  • That the story has a rich and fantastical land.
  • Cover is STUNNING!
  • Giving them a Wintry feel (i.e. My favorite season)

Everything including... Give me the Special experience:
  • Cover- Stunning and white with bursts of color, to match the burst of epic fantasy that it is.
  • Paper- Being UK cover and paper the pages are thicker and rigid, which gives the feel of a well made novel.
  • Size- The size is the best gap between the squinchy mass market paperbacks and a huge adult fantasy hardbacks...

Just something I wanted to ask you about, What are your feelings?


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