Friday Reads!

I have been watching many many Booktube videos, and have noticed the trend of Friday reads, where you all hear what i am reading this weekend. I am joining the FUN!

> My weekend will be very very busy with working and homework however I want to read from two books, and finish one of them.

  1. Station Eleven By Emily St.John Mendel
  • This novel is all about the world coming to end and follows a cast of characters in a travelling theater group, I don't want to know any more than that at the moment.
  • Cover-

2. Crown Of Midnight By: Sara J Maas
  • This is the sequel to the Throne of Glass, which means it should be a very great....
  • Cover-
  • (Photos From Goodreads)

This is very subject to change... Possibly to something like The Lies Of Lock Lamora or Theft of Swords, Who knows :)


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