Never Always Sometimes By: Adi Alsaid REVIEW

I received this book very very early for review, and i cannot thank the author enough for including me on the ARC Hop for this book, I have since reading it sent the novel on to the next person on the list.

Dave and Julia are best friends. On the brink of high school, they made a list of cliches they would never do. Now in their senior year, Dave and Julia decide to try every Never on the list. As they break out of their comfort zone and have many adventures- both together and apart- they learn a lot more about who they are and what their true feelings are for one another. (From

Dave: I connected the most to Dave, because he is a senior in highschool and is in the process of choosing his life and what direction he wants it to go in which is excruciatingly difficult. He harbors feelings for his best friend and has to hide them for the majority of this novel, again I relate although I now am dating my best friend. Dave's character was developed in the best way possible, he had flaws and quirks and difficulties, but just the right amount of spunk to be THE BEST CONTEMPORARY CHARACTER I HAVE EVER READ!
Julia: I did not relate to Julia much because she is a girl and obviously the issues they bring are different tan any a guy brings, hoever she had a very well crafted three dimensional feeling to her. She felt like the "ONE" I fell for, perfect in almost every way and sassy when needed. 

General Thoughts: 

  • I felt that this book was written in the best way possible, it was perfection. However why i feel it was perfection is because i am going through much of the same issues that were pointed out in the book and i can directly relate, although it may still be enjoyable for younger readers i feel that it will be more powerfull if it is read in your Senior year of High School. 
  • I know Adi did not write this with a small town Blogger in mind, however i felt like this was written for me even thought know he did not.
  • AMAZING!!!!!!

Star Rating: *****/*****

Release Date: August 4th 2015
ISBN: 0373211546 

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Stay Tuned for and Author Interview soon!...


  1. Love your review. I received the ARC right after you and I am in the process of finishing the book up this week before I sent it to the next person in the ARC hop. Glad you enjoyed it because I am enjoying this book!


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