The Fault In Our Stars Review

Hello, I know what you are thinking ( "YOU HAVENT READ THIS BOOK WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN A BOOK BLOGGER!") No I had not read this book, I hadn't read it sooner because I was spoiled, however the novel intrigued me enough to push onward and continue to read. Needless to say I Balled my eyes out at the end...

Plot At a Glance: ( Everyone and their Dog have read this so I will briefly show plot.)
  • Cancer Kids
  • Love
  • Acceptance
  • Cute
  • Pain
General thoughts:
  • This was an uplifting and hope nurturing novel, it showed me some of the more simplistic joys of life that I have been forgetting.
  • Shows life struggles in a very realistic way.
  • Listen to Gus he has some stellar life advice laced throughout...
In general I feel that contemporary characters are less relatable than Fantasy characters, don't ask why because I have no idea. But to me I feel that contemporary characters and these in particular almost blend into an average "Cancer Story" which I do not think was Green's goal. They did have their redeeming qualities to me including their unwavering love and cliché sayings and nerdy thoughts on the books they read.

Rating: ****/*****

Why I Rated 4 Stars:
  • I have been blessed to not directly feel the loss of a person due to cancer, which made all this more new and peculiar to me.
  • The characters seemed to be to much to the extreme with their love, I liked it none the less, however it got under my skin a few times.

Recommendation: I would still recommend Looking For Alaska more than this book, however this is slightly behind and is still amazing>>>

(My Diner Date with Gus and Hazel :))


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