Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been? 
Where is This Blog Going?

Hello Everyone... 

I am back today to explain where I have been over the last week and why posting has become a difficulty and what you can expect from this blog going forward. I have recently moved out into the "real world" for the first time this summer at my university doing research, I have hit some bumps along the road with planning  and time management as you can see. I am researching the population dynamics of Golden-winged Warblers in the area near my university. While I love these cute little endangered songbirds, they require me to wake up each morning at 4:00AM EST to be in our research location by 5:30AM EST. Needless to say my body has not adjusted or taken this abrupt change well. Each day I take a nap during the three hours I have to myself to keep myself awake for my evening job. After my evening job is done at 9:00PM I go to the apartment and sleep until the next day. This schedule has left little time to blog or read, for that I regret it. 

Golden-winged Warbler Breeding Habitat
However, I also have come to recognize that I am a workaholic. Thus meaning if I have a topic I am learning about or working for I will devote my whole life, and all of my free time to it. This is not good, nor is it healthy. I am working on a routine right now where I will build in time to read and blog each day of the week for about two hours by curbing the length of my naps, fingers crossed it will start to work soon. I have a joural where I keep my plans and necessary activities for the day to which I have now added a section for relaxation and fun. I know, I know how lame can you get, needing to schedule fun time? Well pretty lame if you see me, I am finding my research and other wrk to be dangerously consumptive of my life and I need to make a change; planning my free time for fun is how I intend to do it. 

Local Humane Society has also taken my time, and heart.
That being said, I am going to leap head first back into blogging and reading this week. If I try to take baby steps I will just fail and fade out again which was never the goal initially. I will have a post up on Friday as well to let you know my weekend goals for reading and reviewing as well. I have not moved on from those books which I listed last week as I have not been reading as much as I would like. The Great British Bake Off and research life have stepped into my reading time which I do not like and will be cutting back on or rearranging to fit reading. I have many books for review at the moment which I may put aside to make myself excited about reading again and just to start fresh with all new books. Let me know how you all get through reading funks or how you think I can shake this weird funk?

Regardless of my absence on the blog, I assure you I am always active on Twitter (@Komondor70) and on my GoodReads page (Wil H.) That being said I will be back in a big way this week with some chatty posts and even some critical thoughts on books that I have started recently. Keep your eyes on the blog to see upcoming blog giveaways, articles, and reviews... I promise they are coming as imminently as the Winter in A Song of Ice and Fire!

Do not forget, I still have not selected a winner on my blog for the Jennifer McMahon Giveaway of Burntown. This I will leave open until Saturday, May 27th at 12:00AM EST. Please follow this link o see how to enter: http://mybookishempire.blogspot.com/2017/05/jennifer-mcmahon-interview-may-10th-2017.html

Happy Reading! 


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