Purging the Shelves

Purging the Shelves & Why I Must...

Hello Everyone, 

Today' post is more of a rambling post in which I want to chat to you all about the reasons that we get rid of books from our collections and why I need to do this very soon. For myself I get rid of books if I do not want to read them any longer, or if I have read them and do not care enough to own them anymore. Though at the moment the reason why I am forced to think of getting rid of books is the sheer volume that I own and the very limited amount of space that  have to house them in. 

I own a lot of books, I think on the order of more than 250. Those books are not all read, not even close. I am enjoying the experience of cultivating my own library, however I am worried that I have finally run out of space to house the thing that brings me most joy right now, books. It is for that reason that when I go home for a few days next week that I must purge the collection to maintain some sense of normalcy and balance. All of my current shelves are stacked to the brim with books, many of which I have not had the urge to read in many months, those are the ones that will be leaving the stacks of my shelves. 
This is an old photo of my books,
I now have another full case that
would not be in this picture

Getting rid of books is not always the easiest thing when you are a book lover and you think about the amount of money that you have spent on them. Though it has come to a point where I must start to thin my collection in order to stay sane. This is not something that I will have an issue with when I own my own home or apartment, however right now I just have my bedroom in my parents home when I am not at University which does not allow for me to keep many books. 

When I get rid of my books I tend to bring them to the local bookshop near me for credit, however this time I may bring them to a few bookshops to distribute the wealth from my collection. There is a used and new shop that I love, Bear Pond Books, where I bring most of my books to; and the Book Garden where I go when I need to find some lesser well known books and classics. For that reason I will be splitting up the areas where I donate them to this time, as I hope to diversify what I pick up in the future. 

Wish me luck when I go home to select wisely for those books that I care greatly about and would like to keep, and getting rid of those that have stood on my shelf for a long time. 

Happy Reading, and Book Purging!


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