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May 15th-21st

Hello Everyone, 

I am here today with a quick post about what I intend to read this week. I know many of these books you will have seen me speak about before, however I still have not read them yet. That being said I may throw in some other books to keep it interesting for you and I. This week marks the start of my summer research with my university, and my advisor has not returned yet to help me begin so I have until the 19th to read and enjoy almost open daily schedules! That being said I am still reading articles and reports for my research during the day so it is not all allocated to reading, sadly. 

This week I intend to make some headway in a few books, hopefully. This books begin with:  by: Rachael Kasper and Robert Wills, this book was written by two local authors in my hometown and I was lucky enough to get a review copy from them. This book follows the Thorpe family and a women called Ellen as they cross paths and learn to love and help one another, it is truly amazing so far. I am currently on page 133 of 551, needless to say I do not foresee this book getting read completely this week. 

The second book that I am hoping to make some headway into is The Hearts of Men by: Nickolas Butler. This book follows many characters whom all have ties to a Boy Scout summer camp and their lives as their worlds get increasingly more chaotic. Being an Eagle Scout I requested this novel from the publisher, Ecco, and was kindly awarded a copy
and I would love to finish it in May. I am currently on page 65 of 400 pages. This novel is a slow paced exploration of what it means to be human and an adolescent and how society forces us to grow up, it is therefore slow moving and rather dense.

The final book that I intend to start and finish this week is The Heart of Stone by: Ben Galley. This is Ben's newest novel and he was kind enough to send it to me for review and I am very eager to dive in and share with you all my thoughts on the book. The plot follows a golem and his war torn land where his masters are always fighting a war using him as a weapon; but now a new war has broken out and it is time to
decide whether to fight or abandon the only thing he has ever seen, war. This book sounds like a great epic romp through a fantastical world, and I cannot wait to dive in!

These are the books that I hope to make progress in this week, we will see how I am able to get on with this challenge at the end of the week. I always seem to bite off more than I can chew in terms of reading for a given week, though I am hoping that this summer will allow me ample time to read and write reviews for you all. 

What are you all reading this week? 
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Happy Reading!


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