Weekly Reading Plans

Weekly Reading Plans: 

Hello Everyone, 

I am back today after a slight bread this weekend to bring you some reading and other bookish goals for this week. This week marks the beginning of the end. University final exams are occurring during this week so I am not anticipating that I will finish a book this week. That being said I do have some book related plans that are going to happen this week as well. 

With final exams going on it means that it is almost time to move out of my university housing and on my own for the summer. This will be my first time living on my own. Part of my main book goals this week is to go through my books which I have here at university to select the books that will remain with me for the summer in my apartment.  This is going to be a very hard thing to do though I cannot keep all of my books that are here with me at university right now. Keeping all of my books that are currently with me would just take up space that I do not have in the small apartment. Some of my major goals for this summer (2 month) experience is to read large books interspersed with review copies and research material. That being said a large goal of mine is to read through the entirety of War and Peace by: Leo Tolstoy this summer. Aside from a mammoth Russian classic, I will be delving further into my escapism, science fiction and fantasy. I will bring out a post on May 15th with the books that I kept with me to read through my summer of research. 

When I am not studying and calculating the grade I need on the final exam to get an A in my courses people can expect to see me reading a few books slowly. Those books include: 
  1. New York 2140
    1. by: KIm Stanley Robinson 
    2. This is a science fiction book speaking about the possible impending flood of our planet when the ice caps melt, and how a large city such as New York would handle that. I am finding the large character base to be very comprehensive and enjoyable. Though this novel is over 600 pages, regardless of the fact that I wish to curl up with a cup of tea for hours to read it, I cannot. 
  2. The Collapsing Empire
    1. by: John Scalzi 
    2. This is Mr. Scalzi's newest novel that I have checked out from the library to read and explore. I am glad that this was a library copy since I am still hesitant if I would want to own a physical copy,  I do not think that it will get reread, and it has a plethora of cursing in the dialog. 
Reading a big catastrophe book filled with excellent characters and an expansive world viewpoint, to reading about an excessive cursing new emperor. And selecting the novels which will be staying with me this summer while I remain at school. Those are just a few of the many bookish things I have planned for this week. Many more bookish events will happen this week, though they will be university books that I will be focussing on. 

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Happy Reading!


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