Five Star Book Predictions

Five Star Book Predictions

As the title would imply, this post is going to be about me predicting five books which I think will be five star perfect reads for me. This idea was originally done by Mercedes at MercysBookishMusings on YouTube, I will link her initial video below. The whole idea of this is to really rummage through your shelves and think long and hard about the books that you have, and select those that you think will be some of your yearly favorites. Without further yammering, here are the five books which I think will be five star reads for me!

  1. The Secret History by: Donna Tartt 
    1. I believe that this will be a five star novel for me because of the impeccable writing style and character development which I am already seeing in only the first chapter; and the brilliant narration of the audiobook by none other than the author herself. This broody little book is set in Vermont (my home state) at a liberal arts college, it follows a group of friends whom murder one of their own and unravels why they committed this crime. This novel has all of the attributes of a perfect novel for me, atmosphere, characters, and beautiful writing. 
  2. Anna Karenina by: Leo Tolstoy
    1. Anyone who has seen my glowing review and new favorite book of all time, War & Peace , will know that earlier this year I fell in love with Tolstoy's wisdom and incredible way with words. I loved every page of War & Peace though the scenes which I found most entertaining dealt with nobility and daily affairs, not the war, which makes me think I may like Anna Karenina even more. Though this is a fairly large novel and will take much of my attention to complete, perhaps I will read it in December.
  3. A Summer Of Drowning by: John Burnside
    1. This novel was a recommendation from the amazing writer and YouTuber Jen Campbell. She stated that this book combined myth and legend into something utterly beautiful, and I trust her whole heartedly. I have read the first chapter and I am already hooked, this is surely going to be read in November. 
  4. Bleak House by: Charles Dickens
    1. This is one of those classics which I have picked up on a whim to explore and I get a feeling that I am going to love the challenge and densely layered plots that this book has to offer. 
  5. Another Day in the Death Of America by: Gary Younge 
    1. This book deals with the heavy topic of gun control in the United States, and all of the innocent lives which are harmed and killed by them on a daily basis. I am thinking that this book will be at the least eye opening as someone who lives in the United States and has grown up around guns in the home for hunting game. It will also be interesting to see Younge's perspective as an outsider looking into the United States. All around I hope that this book will be an eye opening experience. 
These are the five books which I think will be rated five stars by myself upon completion, I hope I am correct in guessing my taste in novels. I will report back as I slowly make my way through them. 

What are some books that you all have rated five stars, leave a comment below.

Happy Reading!


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