Goals: And why I am horrible at sticking to them.

What do I classify as goals?

  • To Be Read Piles
  • Page count reading
  • Blog Posts (twice a week)
Why I think goals are hard for me to stick with?
  • I put great pressure on myself to keep up with everything that I have began. It is something that I am working on to take breaks now and then for the things that make me happy, because school seems to be very stressful with exams and projects.
  • I feel that every time I set a time and amount of pages to read it feels more like homework rather than fun.

Future goals I am attempting:
  • Reading 15 Books before December ends. 
    • I am attempting this to prove to myself that I am able to do it; as well as Nicole from Nicole's Adventures in SFF on Youtube. In hopes that reading this amount of books will display that I am capable of keeping up with the pace.
  • Reading Diversely
    • My friend here at school brought to my attention a list of about 30 books that she has read that are in the classics cannon that she has enjoyed. In an effort to try and keep my studies of English and Literature up I will be reading and reviewing all of those books on that list hopefully in the new year. 


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