The YA Debate

What YA is: 

  • Novels that are written and marketed towards a Young Adult audience.
What I feel the Characteristics are for YA:
  • Faster pacing
  • Unique coming of age stories
  • Quick character pacing!
  • Easy writing styles

This topic was brought up in a conversation I was having where one of my friends was bringing up the point that when we as reviewers call a novel YA it can come off as being derogatory, however that is not what most of us mean. 
  • When I say a novel is YA I mean:
    • It is fast paced
    • Lighter/easier writing style
    • Characters are driven by plot, not necessarily based on relationships and development.
  • I do not feel that if I am to call a novel YA, I am simply reffering to the pacing and items listed above, i do not mean to attack them...

Please leave a comment down bellow with your thoughts an opinions on this "YA Debate".... I would love to hear from all of you!


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