Currently Reading 9-14-15

Hello, All I am very very busy whilst at College and therefore I have not finished a lot of novels in quite sometime. I am currently working my way through these books but I am trying to get these books that I have started  before getting into the rest of this months plans, needless to say I will not be able to get through Way of Kings but I still am going to try.

I am Reading!:

  1. Mages Blood By: David Hair
    1. Page 44 
  2. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrel By: Susanna Clarke
    1. Page 380
  3. Summer Knight By: Jim Butcher 
    1. 50% done (kindle read)
  4. Half a King By:Joe Abacrombie
    1. 26% (Kindle)
  5. The Name of the Wind By: Patrick Rothfus 
    1. 67% (Kindle read)
  6. Assassins Apprentice By: Robin Hobb
    1. Page 39
  7. Seveneves By: Neal Stephenson
    1. Page 45
Yikes Yes I Know That is a lot that is my main focus now to finish some of these novels for the month, as I have spread myself too thin with school and the reading... For that I apologize for a lack of reviews... New posts coming soon with Pictures!!!!

Yours Truly 


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