The Kiss Of Deception Book Review

General Thoughts: I had mixed feelings about this book from the beginning, the characters were very detailed however the plotline lacked some key elements for me to like a book.

Lia- A rebellious teen princess who runs from her betrothed wedding to the prince of a neighboring land. Lia is a conflicted girl who cannot decide who she loves/
Kaden- a man who Lia meets along the way #1 of two love interests.
Rafe- #2 love interest.

Plot: This story had okay world building, the outlying kingdoms felt to me as the best part of the novel. The imagery used in this book is extremely vivid, which allows the little plot line to play out in your head as though it were a movie. As far as the plot goes I felt that the story was something that revolved too much around who she loved and who she wanted to love... This may seen to be good for some people, however my likes for a novel is light on romance and it is WAY TOO much for my liking.

Rating: ***/*****
- I will be continuing the story with the future books, as by the end of the novel the romance died down enough for me to appreciate the story and its world enough :)

Book Info:
Publisher-Henry Holt
Page Count- 488
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