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I have recently been thinking about the topic of book buying, which I do a lot of even though I know I will not be reading the books soon. I figured that this is a good time to talk about it considering I am judged on many fronts for this.

How Frequently Do I Buy Books?
-I buy books about once a week, on average.

How Many Books do you buy at once?
- I buy on average anywhere from 4-6 books at a time.

Why do you feel the need to buy books?
-I have many reasons including....
  1. "Stocking" up for when I go to college, I know money will become tight and I will need to constrict the amount I buy so I have been buying them now.
  2. Many people have an art focal point in their room, however I use my books as my medium for art.
How many Unread books do you own?
- I own roughly 108 unread books, now I know that isn't much for some people because they read incredibly fast however I read about 4 books a month if one or more are over 500 pages. So this number is HIGH for me, but I am not complaining :)

How do People react when they see your shelves?
- They usually don't see my shelves, the only other person aside from my family that has seen this "addiction" is my book loving girlfriend.
-My girlfriend is skeptical to me reading all the books that I own, and therefore I sometimes feel as though I am being judged. However it does not stop me from buying books.

How long have you had the oldest book on your shelves?
-The oldest book on my shelves is 2-3 years old, that is The House of Leaves By: Mark Z Danielewski ; this book sounds great it is just written in an odd format and I am frankly intimidated to read it.

Do you use the library?
-At this point in my life I do use the library even though I should not do that at all. I have a very close relationship with the librarian at my school and she buys books that I am anticipating for me to read before I decide to buy them or how could I pass up that kind of offer :)

I Tag You!
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