Salt & Stone Review (Some Spoilers)

I would first like to thank Scholastic Publishing group for sending the Galley to me for review! I was thrilled to hear that I would get my first big review copy from such an amazing publisher, Thanks again.

Copy Information:
-Release Date: 2/24/15
-Page count:304
-Hardcover price:$17.99
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My Star Rating: ****/*****

Review: (Some Spoilers may be bellow)

Characters: Overall the characters have gone from the frightened and misled group in Fire and Flood to creating essentially a family unit in Salt & Stone. The relationships that have built and thrive in this book are surely the best part of this book. Not all the relationships are romantic, for example the bond built between Harper and Olivia is much like a mother and daughter; this duo broke my heart when they came together due to Harpers sad circumstances. Even if I am not a fan of romance in general the romance that built and bloomed with Guy and Tella made me smile and even almost cry at the end of the book, which takes a lot to get me that invested in a character duo. These characters are sassy and snarky, perfection.

The Brimstone Bleed is now over. but this book definitely did set up for the next books which I need in my life now! They race through the ocean and glacial landscapes to complete the race. the climax of the novel I felt was the conclusion when they reach base camp and the reader is gut punched to realize the reality of Tella's situation and circumstances continuing on... The story takes off from where the first one left off, but it takes you on a rollercoaster ride to the finish line of the Brimstone Bleed.

Cover Design:
To be completely honest I am not sure how to feel with these new covers. To me they seem like the stereotypical YA novel cover, which does not represent the book at all. However even though the original cover design blew me away this cover feels like it will be more impressive in person and the online image does not do it justice.
This is a Must Buy!
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