Seize The Tuesday

As A part of the LGL Buddies group to promote Adi Alsaid's Novel Let's Get Lost, we have Created a blogging meme of how we all "Seized the Tuesday" as Leila does in LGL for that week.

Tuesday Seized:
Because this is my first Seize the Tuesday Post, I thought I should explain who I am first... I am an active member in my local Boyscout troop going for Eagle Rank and work at a local Convenience store in my town, on top of these two activities I am a Senior in High School and will need to be choosing where I want to spend my $ and time to earn my Degree.

  • This Tuesday I received my third acceptance letter from all of my schools, this complicated my choice because I now have choices. I can take the leap and move three hours away, stay in my home state, or move five hours away. How I am counting this as my "Seize the Tuesday" because I am leaning towards the further school because they have an excellent program for my major in Biology, not to mention the surrounding region is prime hiking area. I have Scheduled a campus tour and have applied to get into their honors program which will further challenge me to do my best in school. I was inspired by Leila's journey from LGL to take this leap and trust that where I go will be where I need, and to not over complicate things and just go where my heart takes me even if it is the most difficult choice I have ever made.

Thank You Adi for writing this story that has been so influential to my Senior Year and my future career! :)

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