Giving Thanks Book Tag!

Happy Thanksgiving! I you all are in the USA
If you are not in the USA I hope you have a splendid day!

  1. Name a book that makes you thankful you live in this world.
    1. Legend By: Marie Lu
      1. This novel is a fearful ride through a dystopian future with characters running from the government, who is trying to hold them hostage in a military base ( this is a series that I am due to reread soon).
  2. Give thanks to a book that has changed your perspective.
    1. Everyday ByL David Levithan
      1. This novel followed a being named A who falls in love for a girl, however he changes bodies everyday and is never just one gender. This gave me a perspective on what love is about, not between just a man and women but between two beings.
  3. Which character would you be thankful for if they were your significant other?
    1. Lady Vin (From Mistborn By: Brandon Sanderson)
      1. She is strong, sassy, and elegant in more than just figure.
  4. Which character you say thanks but no thanks to?
    1. Beatrice Prior
      1. She is reckless and dangerous, and downright clingy... 
  5. Name a book that made you laugh like your Uncle Earl at Thanksgiving?
    1. The Rat Queens By Kurtis Weib 
      1. The sass is amazing it will make you crack up and laugh.
  6. Name a book that made you angry like drunk Uncle Earle.
    1. Ignite Me By Tahera Mafi
      1. This series had a great potential to be a new amazing dystopian series but the final book just turned out to be a young whiny girl pining after a man who she could never have.
  7. Name one thing that you are thankful for about the book community.
    1. The friends that I have made from around the globe, and those who comment on the posts here make blogging fun.


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