The Martian By:Andy Wier Review

This book could not have come at a more opportune time, as i am getting ready to go into a science Major at my university this coming Friday August 21st the chemistry and all things nerdy and Science filled about this novel made me even more joyous about the Major I will be heading in to!

Plot: This novel follows Mark Watney as he struggles to survive on the planet Mars, I know this is not much but it is essentially what you see in this book even though what you gain from the novel is so much more than that...

Characters/ Development:

Mark Watney: This novel follows Mark for the majority of the plot line, so he will be the only one i am reviewing his character arch. Mark begins as any closed off astronaut may while on a ship heading to his mission when they land all heck breaks loose and the crew deems him dead and flees, most humans psyche would have begun freaking out and they could not have coped with that magnitude of stress. While this could have been seen as not realistic, i believe Mark to be an intelligent and strong willed character who has almost a life like quality that you see though the book in his log entries. He is snarky, sassy, and whity beyond compare! These traits have given Mark Watney the characteristics to survive a period on a vacuum sealed freezer of a planet!

Writing Style: 
This novel is written in a Log format with some slight chunks of typical narrative when the view switches back to those people back on earth with NASA... This form of writing is not always the greatest for a novel to have with its largely condensed style it is able to convey the methodic way life on a foreign planet may be. The writing is in plain english that anyone from first grade on could grasp, even though this is a SciFi novel the terms and jargon are woven into the pollen so delicately that they seem to make sense from the first time the reader sees them. All in all the writing is simple and to the point which is something that some great novels are lacking in.

Movie Adaptation to Come: I fear this movie not being able to capture the simplicity that is this  novel, i am hoping to be seeing the movie when it releases even if I am forced to see it on my laptop while at college!

Rating: 5 Stars!


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