Required Reading... The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Required reading: As a loosely constrictive term it stands out to mean a novel or piece of literatire that one is forced to read during a particular time frame.

Why it can Help: This can help students learn to branch out with what they read and force them to have to challenge themselves in that they are reading and not just complacently reading along.

Some of my Favorites:

  • To Kill a Mockingbird- This novel brought about some of the issues that were considered taboo during the 21st century, although I was happy that it was chosen for us to read and thinking about those issues in modern times.
  • Wuthering Heights- This novel was just written in a way that was creepy and fun along with challenging social views of its time.
  • Night- This was short, put the Holocaust in perspective for modern people who had sheer luck to not go through it. It is the most moving novel I have read in the classic genre.
  • All the Pretty Horses- A western with a young boy taking the world for his own. The writing style though simplistic evokes some unique feelings.
Least favorites:
  • Tortilla Curtain- why this was not my favorite is how the author brought out the topics of illegal immigration, it just didn't click.
  • Catcher in The Rye- this novel was just too angsty for my taste, I read it in Freshman year of high school during a time when I was perfectly content with my life and could not connect with Holden because I had never had any similar issues occur to me.


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